The Progression Charts found here give you a visual overview of your degree. Please note the following:

Because the degree requirements are periodically updated, make sure you consult the chart listed under the year in which you were admitted to your degree. Those are the requirements that apply to you. You can find this information at the top of your audit under “Admit Term”.

Although these charts list the courses normally to be taken in the first, second, third, and fourth years of the program, it is possible to take certain courses in a different order than those given in the charts. However, courses that include prerequisites must normally be taken in order (e.g. HUMS 1000 before HUMS 2000), unless a student is permitted to take them simultaneously. And normally a student must have second-year standing to take 2000-level courses, third-year standing to take 3000-level courses, etc.

We make an effort to ensure that these charts are accurate. But the authoritative list of degree requirements that apply to you is given on your degree audit, and the authoritative general lists of requirements for the B.Hum. and B.J.-Hum degrees are given in the Carleton Undergraduate Calendar, under Programs.


Fall 2023

BHUM Honours Advising Chart for Reference Only Fall 2023
BHUM Combined Advising Chart for Reference Only Fall 2023
BHUM Biology Advising Chart for Reference Only Fall 2023
BJHUM Advising Chart for Reference Only Fall 2023

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