The Bachelor of Humanities leads to Academic Success and Success at Work

The Bachelor of Humanities can take you anywhere you want to go. The skills Humanities students develop in research, writing, analyzing, and communicating lead to success in almost any career or field. Humanities students stand out in the workplace, and they normally rise very quickly in their chosen profession. Many of our students continue on to a Master’s or Doctorate DegreeHumanities students regularly take the top marks at Carleton, and are very successful in entering prestigious graduate programs and winning lucrative scholarships.

Find a Mentor to help you Choose your Career

Every student in the B.Hum. program who chooses can participate in our Mentorship program. Your mentor can be a writer, diplomat, lawyer, teacher, businessman or businesswoman, senior civil servant, Member of Parliament, academic, poet, artist, etc. — the choice is up to you. Mentors serve as friends and advisors, and also introduce students to their profession and to the larger world, giving them a better sense of the lives and careers open to them.

careers - charron kirkup shah

Supreme Court Justice Louise Charron with some of her former law clerks. Left to right: Palma Paciocco, Kirk Shannon, Graham Mayeda, Justice Louise Charron, Jena McGill, Vanessa MacDonnell, Parul Shah (B.Humanities), and Kyle Kirkup (B.Humanities).

Humanities Alumni

Humanities Alumni attribute their career success to their Humanities degree. They return to the program to help current students discern a path in life, at our regular Career Nights. Read our Humanities Blog, our Alumni Profiles, or the article on the B.Hum’s 20th Anniversary. If you are an alumnus or alumna of the Bachelor of Humanities, consider joining the Carleton University Bachelor of Humanities Alumni Linkedin group.
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Humanities Graduates have Interesting Careers

Humanities graduates work in an incredible variety of fields — government, law, journalism, education, business, international development, medicine, the arts, and more.

Arts — Culture

catherine sinclairCatherine Sinclair (B. Hum 2001)
Senior Curator
Ottawa Art Gallery

I am now Senior Curator at the O.A.G., and my Humanities education certainly contributed to where I am today. My curatorial work involves selecting artists for exhibition, both historical and contemporary, organizing those exhibitions and providing the research to back up those ideas, and assessing and growing the Gallery’s Permanent Collection. A major part of my job is research and analytic writing, and these skills really began for me in those B.Hum years. Read More. More Alumni Profiles.

Broadcasting — Media — Journalism

jennifer carswellJennifer Carswell (B.Hum 2005)
Senior Broadcast Journalist
BBC World Television, London, England

My love of stories, as a window into humanity and what makes us truly human, took root during the Humanities programme and has blossomed ever since.  On a regular basis, I go back to Humanities basics by examining original sources and documents and trying as best as I can to get behind, underneath, and around what is really there to figure out what is important. Read MoreMore Alumni Profiles.


Sarah Cathrae (B.Hum 2001)
Managing Director
Suske Capital

I have used these gifts towards many pursuits. I have managed people, an arcade, a banquet hall, and a marina. I did facilities management for the Canadian Space Agency. I have consulted for Fortune 500 companies. I worked in finance for Credit Suisse on Bay Street. I appraised multi-million dollar commercial properties. Currently, I work as the Managing Director of Suske Capital, a Canadian boutique private equity firm that invests in real estate, finance, emerging technology, alternative energy and healthcare. Read MoreMore Alumni Profiles.


  • Press Secretary to the Minister of Municipal Affairs at Government of Alberta, Former Press Secretary of the Premier of Nunavut
  • Senior Advisor, Strategic Communications at Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • Senior Communications Officer at Canada School of Public Service


Eric Jeffery (B.Hum 2005)
Assistant Dean, Pakuranga College
Auckland, New Zealand

Being an English teacher is incredibly rewarding—my job is to mentor and inspire young people, and help them find value in their lives. My working day is spent conversing with interesting young minds from all walks of life. It makes me proud to pass on some of the wisdom from the greatest books of all time to my own students. Read MoreMore Alumni Profiles.

Education — University Level

erica chartersErica Charters (B. Hum 2002)
Associate Professor
Faculty of History
Oxford University

As a veteran of the Great Books programme, I am better prepared to think about continuity and change in a long-term perspective. Whereas many graduate students and academics are often overwhelmed by competing interpretations and theories, the unique programme at the College of the Humanities allowed me to feel at home in this intellectual environment. It fostered a sense of excitement and pleasure regarding intellectual debate, as well as a strong belief in the social nature of intellectual endeavours, two approaches which have served me well in my career. Read MoreMore Alumni Profiles.


johann kwanJohann Kwan (B.A. 2010)
Owner / Photographer
Johann Kwan Photography

In a program the size of the College of Humanities, you really get to know everyone. Professors are there for their students from the moment you enter the college, rather than years down the line when class sizes have thinned down from gargantuan lecture halls. Your fellow students are doing the same things you’re doing, puzzling through the same Platonic dialogue, blowing off steam together when the going gets rough. It’s hard at that stage not to start liking them and calling them friends. Read MoreMore Alumni Profiles.


  • Senior Policy Advisor, Clean Energy Canada; Former Director of the Pembina Institute’s Climate Change Program
  • Economist and Policy Analyst at Environment Canada
  • Environmental Law Analyst at the Library of Parliament


  • Project Team Lead | Clinical Programs (Ontario Renal Network) at Cancer Care Ontario
  • Policy Analyst – Science Policy – Bioethics at Health Canada
  • Senior Project Administrator, Health Canada

High Tech

  • Consultant at Systemscope, Information and Technology Services
  • Manager, Financial Information Systems at Carleton University
  • Software Licensing Specialist — Microsoft at CDW

International Aid and Development

jean-noé landry

Jean-Noé Landry (B.Hum 2001)
Director of Strategic Initiatives and Outreach at Open North

My humanities degree taught me to work methodically from principles. I have seldom met someone who didn’t aspire to a life of dignity, happiness, justice, and freedom, all ideas that were contemplated and explored at the College of the Humanities. This was certainly the case when I worked in Ramallah with Palestinian advocacy groups or in Serbia with election monitoring groups, wary of a backsliding to the days of the Milosevic regime. Read MoreMore Alumni Profiles.


Kyle Kirkup (B.Hum 2006)
Lawyer, Academic, Writer

I often think about The College of the Humanities, and how it fundamentally shaped me as a person — not only did the B.Hum program teach me to think deeply and critically, but it also pushed me to be a disciplined writer, a thoughtful colleague, and an engaged citizen. Read MoreMore Alumni Profiles.

Library and Archives

alumni profile - ciara o'sheaCiara O’Shea (B.Hum 2009)
Content Services Librarian, Borden Ladner Gervais

As a new librarian, I’ve been experiencing many different workplaces through contract positions. My Bachelor in Humanities has prepared me for them all through the practice in public speaking and argument in seminars and the focus on being a clear and concise writer. My wide ranging level of general knowledge from the program makes me comfortable in any workplace. Already I have taught third grade students about the Dewey Decimal system, helped a bilingual library in rural Eastern Ontario create and implement a new strategic plan, and researched Electoral Boundary Redistribution for federal employees.  Now I’m helping a large law firm redesign their intranet. My time at the College of Humanities gave me the flexibility to work in all of these positions. More Alumni Profiles.


francis bakewellFrancis Bakewell (B.Hum 2010)
Resident Physician in Emergency Medicine
University of Ottawa—Ottawa Hospital

The study of the great works of civilization forces the realization that each person that comes through our door is not just a patient with a complaint, but someone with the spark of reason and creativity that defines us as a species, someone with a life as meaningful as our own, and someone seeking help. The study of the Humanities is the broadest possible exercise in empathy. Read MoreMore Alumni Profiles.

Public Policy — Government

leslie demeullesLeslie de Meulles (B.Hum 2007)
Senior Policy Advisor
Minister’s Office
Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

Humanities prepared me well for my professional life—especially political life. When faced with policy decisions that affect Ontarians, and trying to make the “right” decision, I run up against the same questions that Humanities forced me to consider: what is just? what is good, and which good ought we to pursue for society? These are the fundamental questions that face politicians as legislators and decision-makers. Read MoreMore Alumni Profiles.


  • Editor of Canadian Forest Industries and Canadian Biomass at Annex Publishing & Printing Inc.
  • Editorial Assistant and Assistant to the Publisher, Random House of Canada Limited
  • Copywriter at McMillan


bradley laflammeBradley Laflamme (B.Hum-Biology 2015)
Graduate Student in Biology/Biochemistry
University of Toronto

When science courses are combined with Humanities courses that ask students to engage with ideas, rather than to categorize them as fact or fiction, there is a perfect balance. You get the necessary objective information while simultaneously being humbled before the sheer variety of ways in which human beings experience the world. Read MoreMore Alumni Profiles.

Security — Intelligence

  • Chief in Aviation Security Operations in the Aviation Security Directorate, Transport Canada
  • Security Specialist, Canada Border Services
  • Parliamentary Relations Officer for the Correctional Service of Canada

Academic Success

Humanities students regularly excel in their studies. Approximately 80% of Bachelor of Humanities students graduate with High or Highest Honours, four times more than the Bachelor of Arts, and twice as many as the Bachelor of Science. This high level of academic achievement leads to success in scholarship applications, and entrance to prestigious graduate schools.

Scholarship Recipients

  • Trudeau Scholarship — Two Humanities graduates won the most prestigious and competitive Scholarship in Canada for the pursuit of a Doctoral degree, the Trudeau Scholarship, worth $60,000 per year, for up to four years.
  • Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship — Every year two or more Humanities graduates win this very competitive scholarship to pursue graduate work in diverse fields.
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships — Humanities graduates have a very high success rate in winning lucrative Ontario Graduate Scholarships to pursue graduate degrees at Ontario Universities.
  • Doctoral Scholarships — Humanities graduates have been successful in gaining entrance to prestigious Ph.D. programs in the United States, which normally include a full tuition grant, and up to $20,000 per year in living expenses.

Doctoral Degrees

Many Humanities graduates have enrolled in Doctoral programs in a wide variety of fields, at prestigious universities in Canada and abroad.

  • Harvard University
  • Oxford University
  • University of Chicago
  • London School of Economics
  • Boston University
  • McGill University
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Université de Fribourg (Switzerland)

Master’s Degrees

Humanities graduates regularly attain Master’s degrees in all Humanities subjects, such as English or Philosophy. But they also regularly attain Master Degrees in a much wider variety of fields.

  • Master of Infrastructure Protection and International Security, Carleton University
  • Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation, OCAD University
  • Master of Museum Studies and Master of Information, Archives and Records Management, Book History, University of Toronto
  • Master of Public Administration, Queens University
  • Master of Law, Yale Law School
  • Master of International Relations and Affairs, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University
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