Doctor holding stethoscope

Medical Services

Our medical services are provided by a team of medical professionals including family physicians, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners who deliver outpatient care and serve as primary care providers at Health and Counselling Services

Counsellor comforts patient

Mental Health Services

We offer access to family MD for care and support in medical diagnosis, counselling (a variety of single-session, crisis-intervention, and short-term counselling sessions), and access to GP psychotherapy.

Online Booking Available!

Health and Counselling Services is excited to announce that we have launched our new healthcare platform. Download the app now to connect to the patient portal. Book an appointment here.


New to HCS: Collaborative Health Record

Health and Counselling Services is proud to announce the launch of our new Collaborative Health Record (CHR) system. The new CHR system will allow you to receive reminders, request appointment changes, complete forms, update contact information, securely communicate with our clinic, and book appointments online through a patient portal using the UpPatient app. To learn how to book an appointment, check out our Book an Appointment page.

Please note that the new CHR is replacing Medeo. Medeo will no longer be used by HCS.