***Due to labour action there will be disruptions to service with wait times longer than usual*** 

Doctor’s Appointments: Ongoing. Please present to HCS for your regularly scheduled appointment time.
Walk-In Services: Ongoing. Please present to HCS to see a walk-in doctor.
Nursing Services: Cancelled. No nursing injections are being completed – allergy, travel, TB, immunizations, Vitamin B12, etc. Students may present to HCS to receive their serums and attend another clinic to have them administered. There may be exceptions such as Depo-Provera shots.
Counselling Appointments: Cancelled. For urgent care, please present to HCS for access to limited walk-in counselling spots starting at 1pm. First come, first serve.

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Medical Services

Our team of medical professionals including family physicians and registered nurses provide outpatient medical services and serve as primary care providers at Health and Counselling Services

Counselling Services

Confidential personal counselling services are available for current Carleton University students

Health Promotion

Our goal is to empower students during various stages of change for healthy living and academic success by offering resources, workshops and activities that touch on student health and wellness