Students who require a Medical Note to verify illness are asked to contact their family physician. If you cannot reach your family physician or don’t have one, please contact Health and Counselling Services (HCS). There is a $20.00 charge for medical certificates.

If an illness occurs when the clinic is closed and you get a note from a physician off-campus, ensure it is written on their professional letterhead. Only the attending physician who personally diagnosed the student at the time of their illness can write the note.


  1. Speak to the professor about the problem first. Faculties determine accommodation for medical reasons, therefore, if you anticipate being unable to fulfill academic requirements because you are sick, call the professor first.
  2. If you still require a note, call Health and Counselling Services (613-520-6674), while you are unwell and experiencing symptoms to book an appointment with a nurse practitioner or physician. Physicians/nurse practitioners, cannot document an illness they didn’t treat.
  3. Notes are written upon evaluation and the physician or nurse practitioners discretion.

All of the above can be discussed with your professor.