Something to Celebrate!

Let’s celebrate the fact that four of this year’s DH MA cohort have had worked nominated for The DH Awards, under three separate categories – best use of DH for public engagement, best DH data visualization, and best DH Response to COVID-19! These projects emerged from their course work in DIGH5000.

The Digital Humanities Awards are a set of entirely open annual awards run as a DH awareness raising activity. The awards are nominated and voted for entirely by the public. These awards are intended to help put interesting DH resources in the spotlight and engage DH users (and general public) in the work of the community

The DH Awards are a community-driven project, led by James Cummings of the University of Newcastle; each year a nominations committee oversees the nominations process, eligibility, and so on. The complete FAQ on the process is here.

And so, I encourage the readership of the DHCU Irregular to check out all of the nominations, to see the wide variety of DH work out there (let it inspire and amaze you!), but I especially encourage you to support Ona, Danielle, Jaime, and Sammy’s work with your vote!