Are you interested in how people, animals, or computers think? At the Carleton Department of Cognitive Science, we study thought from a variety of different perspectives. We offer Master’s and PhD degrees in Cognitive Science that are part of a fully integrated Cognitive Science program. Our grad programs integrate research from experimental psychology, theoretical and computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, philosophy of mind and other related areas, to address questions about learning, knowing and thinking.

Below are videos from Alumni and current graduate students reflecting on their program experiences.

Master of Cognitive Science, Dr. Evan Curtis-Alumni

Doctorate in Cognitive Science, Dr. Liz Christie-Alumni, Sarah Cebulski and Dr. Deirdre Gardiner- Alumni


Research Opportunities

Our researchers have strengths in areas such as consciousness, cognitive development, mathematical cognition, cognitive and computational modelling, human performance, applied cognition, syntax, semantics, phonetics, pragmatics, philosophy of mind and language, symbolic and computational logic, intelligent information systems, knowledge representation, natural language understanding, swarm and collective intelligence, evolutionary computing and areas of neuroscience. The program also involves researchers from industry, government agencies and other post-secondary institutions. You can find more on our research page.

The Capital Advantage

Carleton University offers you a capital advantage as we are located in Canada’s capital city. Ottawa is home to major governmental organizations, private industry and agencies that offer many opportunities for cognitive scientists. We also benefit from our close proximity and partnerships with the University of Ottawa. Plus, Ottawa was recently named one of Canada’s best cities to live in by MoneySense magazine.