Our mission is to advance the transition to a more sustainable energy future for Canada.


Actors and stakeholders at all levels and across Canada’s vast geography (including governments, businesses, and civil society organizations) are realizing that many types of expertise are necessary to create and promote the adoption and uptake of the technological innovations required to address sustainable energy issues. The overall purpose of the CSERC initiative is to mobilize Carleton’s knowledge, educational facilities, and programs in engineering and policy to advance the critically important issue of achieving sustainable energy. Central to CSERC’s work is a recognition that a cross-disciplinary working environment between the engineering and policy disciplines is central to achieving this vision.


  • Support and generate world class research into the engineering and policy dimensions of achieving sustainable energy;
  • Equip the professionals, government officials, and students with a profound understanding of the scientific, technical and social dimensions of energy issues, the policy and engineering options to address them, and ways to develop and implement practical solutions;
  • Advance the design and deployment of clean energy solutions for particular applications which address environmental issues and advance economic and social development locally, nationally and globally, in a complementary fashion which combines technology and policy aspects;
  • Broaden public understanding and dialogue, and improving societal decision-making, to achieve sustainable energy; and,
  • Work with organizations with parallel interests through partnerships and joint initiatives.