Speaker: Chris Weissflog

Date: January 29, 2019

After 21 years of military service, Chris Weissflog (BSc, MSc, MBA, CPHC (PHIUS), RASDT/RHDT (HRAI)) founded EcoGen Energy in 2007. He is currently focused on providing custom sustainable buildings and energy systems solutions, through designing and building low to zero carbon homes using extremely high performance passive building design, advanced & efficient HVAC system design, progressive use of photovoltaics (grid-tied, grid-interactive and off-grid), solar thermal, building-integrated thermal energy storage, earth energy systems, and a range of measures and techniques to further improve efficiency.

As the founder of EcoGen Energy, Chris Weissflog is passionate about helping people reduce carbon emissions.  For 11 years his company has operated regionally in the renewable energy and high-performance building sectors.  Mr. Weissflog’s presentation therefore centred around his experience with how government policies impact the growth and collapse of consumer demand and industry growth, and the resulting implications for consumers and their providers. Key points included the importance of knowing your audience and the messiness of how government incentive programs play out in the business world.

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