Community-First Community-Based Organization Research Tools Working Group

Since Fall 2016, the Centre for Studies on Poverty and Social Citizenship (CSPSC) has been collaborating alongside a large range of community and campus-based partners through CFICE: Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement (CFICE).

CFICE is a seven-year SSHRC-funded action research project. The goal of CFICE is to strengthen Canadian communities and studies how community and campus players work together to positively impact their communities. CFICE’s research seeks to answer to this central research question: “How can community-campus partnerships be designed and implemented to maximize the value created for non-profit, community-based organizations?”

CSPSC Chair, Adje van de Sande, is a Co-investigator for Phase II of the CFICE project through his work as Academic Lead of the CFICE Tools for Community-First Community Campus Partnerships Working Group or “Tools Working Group”.

Throughout CSPSC’s involvement, the CFICE Tools Working Group has developed the Research Toolkit for Community Based Organizations. This project development checklist helps community organizations assess whether they are well suited to a community-campus engagement project and how they can best prepare themselves to start a research project with an academic partner. Tara McWhinney (seen above), PhD student with the Carleton School of Social Work, has worked on piloting this toolkit and creating a final draft of this toolkit.

In partnership with CSPSC, the CFICE Tools Working will be launching this Research Toolkit on December 6, 2018 through an online webinar:

“Navigating community-campus research partnerships:

Introducing a tool to help the process”

December 6, 2018 at 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Click here to register.