CFICE’s Tools for Community-First Community Campus Partnerships Working Group

Generic cartoon figures work to piece together two giant gold puzzle pieces.Through Phase I work, the concept of the ‘broker’ was identified as a key element in successful community-campus relationships. These brokers help navigate the relationship between the academic and community partners, helping to lead research or programs that truly benefit both parties.

Based on this work, and on the growing body of literature on Collective Impact, the Tools for Community-First Community Campus Partnerships (Partnership Tools) Working Group will seek to develop and test a Collective Impact Toolkit for community-based organizations (CBOs). The toolkit will help CBOs engage post-secondary institutions at their roundtables and will provide guidance on creating deep and sustained relationships that lead to furthering the table’s shared goals.

The Partnership Tools Working Group will collaborate with CFICE’s Community-Campus Engagement Brokering Working Group and with past Hub partners, collaborators, and co-investigators to test the various tools that will be featured in this toolkit. The final product will be a short, easy-to-use toolkit that guides CBOs through the four stages of a collective impact initiative: exploration – connection – research – conclusion.

This working group is being co-lead by Natasha Pei, Community Animator at Vibrant Communities, Mike Bulthuis from The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness’s Youth Homelessness Social Innovation Lab, and Adje van de Sande, Associate Professor at Carleton University.

Community First Partnership Tools Working Group News, Resources, and Research

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