CFICE’s Violence Against Women Hub

Community Co-Lead
Senator Kim Pate, Past ED,
Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies

Academic Co-lead
Diana Majury, Professor of Law
Carleton University

A woman holds both hands in front of the camera in a "no" gesture to defiantly hide her face.Led by a Steering Committee of key activist scholars (both community and academic), the Violence Against Women (VAW) hub funds collaborative demonstration projects that seek to combat violence against women locally and nationally.

Through these demonstration projects, the VAW hub determines the best models of practice in community-academic partnerships

One major goal of the VAW hub is to help create Canadian-wide community-campus partnerships to work towards better legal and public policies related to violence against women in Canada.

The VAW hub works from the position that:

  • VAW is a large-scale, deeply rooted systemic social problem;
  • Addressing VAW requires a new approach as VAW incidents continue to remain high; and
  • Partnered research can create better public understanding of the complexities of violence against women

The VAW hub Steering Committee includes:

A mother and daughter pose in a hugging position.

Kim Pate, CAEFS
Diana Majury, Carleton University
Diane Matte, CLES
Lee Lakeman, CASAC
Sunny Marriner, Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre (ORCC)
Leighann Burns, Harmony House and Action Research Change
Charlene Senn, University of Windsor
Barbara MacQuarrie, University of Western Ontario
Gail Gallagher, NWAC
Bonnie Brayton, DAWN
Laurie S. Alphonse, DAWN
Holly Johnson, University of Ottawa

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Violence Against Women News, Resources, and Research

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