by Anna Przednowek, PhD Candidate, Social Work, VAW Hub RA

Portrait of Bonnie Brayton, Executive Director of DAWN Canada

Bonnie Brayton, Executive Director of DAWN Canada

On June 16th I attended the Ottawa based forum for Robust Safeguards in Bill C-14, with a specific focus on “medical assistance in dying” and Canadians with disabilities. The DisAbled Women’s Network Canada‘s (DAWN’s) Executive Director, Bonnie Brayton, was among a number of presenters including self-advocates, advocates, parents and disability-focused organizations who presented their perspectives and concerns regarding Bill C-14 and the potential impact it might have on Canadians with disabilities.

More specifically, Brayton brought forth concerns about particular vulnerabilities that women and girls with disabilities experience, which may put them at even more risk beyond the individual and systemic violence that many experience daily. “We know that women with disabilities continue to be vulnerable because of societal attitudes and norms which view us as inferior and devalue our lives,” read Brayton.

DAWN Logo_THUMBSubsequently, DAWN and the other disability-focused groups encouraged Parliamentarians, Senators and all Canadians to review the prepared Brief with recommendations including their joint support for a framework of monitoring and implementation.

For more information and for the transcript of Brayton’s speaking notes, please click here.