A man shouts into a can on a string.The CFICE Knowledge Mobilization Fund

Part of the Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement (CFICE) project’s Phase II work is to make sure our research and knowledge is being widely shared with new and existing networks. CFICE has therefore established a Knowledge Mobilization fund to support this work. This fund will distribute up to a combined total of $10,000 (MAX) to CFICE applicants per year until year 7 of the project.

Through the Knowledge Mobilization fund, CFICE members can apply for money to support their CFICE-related knowledge mobilization efforts. Eligible knowledge mobilization activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Hosting meetings, workshops, or webinars in support of sharing CFICE’s story and research with external audiences;
  • Creating and sharing CFICE’s research through accessible outputs (infographics, video, academic articles, etc.); and,
  • Increasing CFICE’s visibility and network by attending national and international community-campus engagement conferences, and community assemblies.

TrentEvent_PBTO Examiner_THUMBEligibility Criteria

Before applying to this fund, please take into account the eligibility criteria that will be used to assess your funding application:

  • Your activity supports CFICE’s efforts to increase the number of players (communities, academic institutions, and funders) who use a community-first approach to community-campus engagement.
  • Your activity supports a knowledge mobilization activity that is above and beyond what should be covered in working group budgets.
  • Your activity does not share only the findings or activities of a specific hub or working group but instead shares multiple aspects of the CFICE story.

Application Process

The following process will be followed for all knowledge mobilization funding requests:

  1. Funding requests will be sent to the Project Manager via the budget request form found below. Requests will include a budget explanation and breakdown.
  2. One week prior to the next Budget Committee meeting, the Project Manager will forward any and all funding requests to the committee for consideration.
  3. At the committee meeting, members will decide whether or not to approve the funding request.
  4. The Project Manager will then convey the final decision to the requestor.

Please note that the Budget Committee meets approximately every four months (February, May, August, November). Your request will not be reviewed until the next scheduled Budget Committee meeting.

If your funding request is urgent, please contact CFICE@carleton.ca immediately after submitting your budget request and highlight the date by which you need a final decision. The CFICE Project Manager will then attempt to convene an emergency meeting of the Budget Committee to adjudicate your request.

Knowledge Mobilization Fund Request Form

Please fill in this form to submit your knowledge mobilization funding request.

  • Please enter the first and last name of the individual who will act as the main contact for this funding request.
  • Please enter the email address of the individual who will act as the main contact for this funding request.
  • Please enter the phone number at which the primary contact for this request can be reached.
  • Please select the working group with which this budget request is affiliated.
  • If you selected "Other" in the question above, please enter a short description of how this budget request is affiliated with CFICE.
  • Please enter the amount you are requesting for your KM activity.
  • Please enter the date by which the funding must be delivered in order to support this KM activity.
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • In 750 words or less, please briefly outline: (1) the KM activity associated with this request; (2) how the money will be used to support this activity (budget breakdown); (3) why this activity is not already covered in your working group budget
  • If applicable, please upload any supporting documentation.
    Max. file size: 15 MB.