CFICE’s Aligning Institutions for Community Impacts Working Group

Community Co-Lead
Maeve Lydon, CCE Program Developer

Academic Co-lead
David Peacock, Executive Director of Community Service-Learning, University of Alberta

Academic Co-lead
Michelle Nilson, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University

What is AICI?

Participants present at an AICI-run meeting.

Aligning Institutions for Community Impacts (AICI) is one of the five working groups in Phase II of the CFICE project. The working group focuses on shifting institutional cultures to break down the barriers and strengthen ‘Community First’ community-campus engagement (CCE) at post-secondary institutions (PSIs), community-based organizations (CBOs), and funding agencies (including governmental bodies and private foundations).

How does AICI work?

AICI has a Working Group made up of CCE Practitioners, Faculty and Civil Society Leaders from across Canada.

AICI’s Working Group is supported by Community Co-Lead Maeve Lydon, CCE Program Developer, and Academic Co-Leads Michelle Nilson, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, and David Peacock, Executive Director of Community Service-Learning in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta.

AICI works on supporting partners in negotiating administrative challenges in CCE as well as augmenting and fostering equitable distribution of CCE grant funding and supports.

What is AICI’s goal?

The AICI working group plans to pilot three main projects:

  1. Develop and pilot, in coordination with community partners and PSI demonstration sites, a Community-First self-assessment/classification system and impact framework for the Canadian context, informed by existing tools, best practices, and other recommendations
  2. Establish a Canadian CCE Community of Practice and Network to connect practitioners and campus engagement initiatives and entities across Canada, to enable sharing and development of CCE best practices, research and resources.
  3. Convene high-level discussions among funders and university research offices to create funding policies and practices to better reflect and reward Community-First CCE.

Who is on the AICI Working Group?

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