CFICE’s Phase I Work

CFICE Definition of SECTOR-SPECIFIC WORK:  Community-campus engagement work that focuses on changing policy and practice in select issue areas such as Poverty Reduction, Food Security, Environmental Sustainability, and Violence Against Women.In April 2012, the Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement (CFICE) project began its work.

Phase I (2012 – 2015) looked at improving community impacts through community-campus engagement (CCE) in four sector-specific policy areas.

This phase consisted of five independent-operating “hubs.” Each hub was led by a community and an academic co-lead:

Our demonstration projects have spanned the country. Check out our interactive map below, which outlines all CFICE hub demonstration projects to date. Click on a pin to see the project description and collaborators. Sort the map by hub by clicking on a specific hub from the listing at the bottom of the map.

View a full screen version of the CFICE Hub Projects map.