Community Engagement Acronyms

  • CBO: Community-based organization
  • CBR: Community-based research
  • CCE: Community-campus engagement
  • CCP: Community-campus partnerships
  • CEnR: Community-engaged research
  • CES: Community-engaged scholarship
  • CSL: Community service-learning
  • KMb: Knowledge mobilization
  • MMIW: Missing and murdered Indigenous women
  • PSI: Post-secondary institution

CFICE-Specific Acronyms

  • PC: Program Committee
  • SEC: Secretariat
  • SC: Steering Committee
  • Pbto-Halib: Peterborough/Haliburton
  • CAC: Community Advisory Committee
  • POV or PR: Poverty Reduction
  • CFS: Community Food Security
  • VAW: Violence Against Women
  • CES: Community Environmental Sustainability
  • KMb: Knowledge Mobilization
  • CCE Brokering (FS) WG: Community-Campus Engagement Brokering (Food Sovereignty) Working Group
  • CCE Brokering (Ottawa) WG: Community-Campus Engagement Brokering (Ottawa) Working Group
  • CBO Tools WG: Tools for Community-First Community Campus Partnerships Working Group
  • Student Pathways WG: Student Pathways for Community Impact Working Group
  • EA WG: Evaluation and Analysis Working Group
  • CCCER: Canadian Community-Campus Engagement Roundtable
  • AICI: Aligning Institutions for Community Impacts Working Group

Community Group Acronyms

  • AMHO: Addictions and Mental Health Ontario
  • ANSER: Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research
  • Can Fed of Humanities and Social Sciences: Canadian Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • CACSL: Canadian Alliance for Community Service Learning, Carleton University
  • CASWE: Canadian Association for Social Work Education
  • CBRC: Community Based Research Canada
  • CFC: Community Foundations of Canada
  • CMHA: The Canadian Mental Health Association
  • CRISES: Centre de Recherche sur les Innovations Sociales
  • CUIERIP: Carleton University Institute on the Ethics of Research with Indigenous Peoples
  • CURAs: Community-University Research Alliances
  • FSC: Food Secure Canada
  • IASSW: International Association of Schools of Social Work
  • ICP: Institute for Community Prosperity
  • KPI: Karl Polanyi Institute
  • NWAC: Native Women’s Association of Canada
  • OETN: Ottawa Eco-Talent Network
  • PhiLab: Montreal Research Laboratory on Canadian Philanthropy
  • PFC: Philanthropic Foundations of Canada
  • RQIS: Réseau Québécoise en Innovation Sociale
  • SAC: Service aux Collectivités
  • SSHRC: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
  • SWAAC: Senior Women Academic Administrators Canada
  • Tamarack: Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement
  • TIESS: Territoires Innovants en Economie Sociale et Solidaire
  • TCRC: Trent Centre for Community Research
  • VC: Volunteer Canada
  • VCC: Vibrant Communities Canada
  • YWCA: Young Women’s Christian Association