Portrait of Charles Levkoe, Academic Co-lead of the Community Food Security Hub and the Community Campus Engagement Brokering Working Group

Dr. Charles Levkoe is a CFICE co-investigator as part of the CCE Brokering Working Group.

CFICE Co-Investigator, Charles Levkoe, recently published an academic article with colleagues Abigail Friendly and Amrita Daniere titled Community Service-Learning in Graduate Planning Education. Published in the Journal of Planning Education and Research January 2018, the article looks at how planning programs involving graduate-level students can examine learning outcomes to better describe the implications of community service-learning for graduate planning education.

Read through the abstract below, and access the full article through the Journal of Planning Education and Research’s website.*


Community service-learning (CSL) has gained popularity over the past decades in universities across North America. Although planning programs tend to involve more graduate-level community-engaged learning than other professional disciplines, learning outcomes have not been sufficiently examined. Based on a review of existing literature and analysis from four years of a CSL course at the University of Toronto’s Department of Geography and Planning, this article describes the implications of CSL for graduate planning education. We argue that CSL in graduate planning programs has a series of unique characteristics and thus requires distinctive pedagogical approaches.

*Note: Readers may need a subscription to the Journal or through an academic institution in order to access the full article.

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Levkoe, C. Z., Friendly, A., & Daniere, A. (2018). Community Service-Learning in Graduate Planning Education. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 11(2), 0739456X1875431–12. http://doi.org/10.1177/0739456X18754318