Image outlining key CFICE abbreviations: CBOs = Community Based Organizations; CCE = Community-Campus Engagement; CCPs = Community-campus partnerships; CES = Community Environmental Sustainability; CFS = Community Food Security; PR = Poverty Reduction; VAW = Violence Against WomenCommunity-First: Impacts of Community Engagement (CFICE) is a seven-year SSHRC-funded action research project. The goal of CFICE’s research is to strengthen Canadian communities by answering the question:

How can community-campus partnerships be designed and implemented to maximize the value created for non-profit, community-based organizations?

Project work is divided into two project phases:

The 2 Phases of the project: Phase I: Sector-Specific Work (years 1-4, 2012-2015), which is about gathering the research, and Phase II: Cross-Sector Work (years 5-7, 2016-2019), which is about applying the research for positive change.

Through both Phase I and Phase II, the project seeks to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Strengthen public policies and programs in critical areas (PR, CFS, CES, and VAW)
  2. Enhance non-profit community-based organizations’ (CBOs’) abilities to form community-campus partnerships that achieve mutual goals
  3. Encourage universities and colleges to adopt a community first attitude when partnering with CBOs
  4. Create more effective and long-lasting partnership opportunities through government and foundation support
  5. Support pan-Canadian community-campus engagement (CCE) networks
  6. Recruit multi-generational leaders who can design and implement more effective CCE

CFICE is co-directed by Carleton University and the Canadian Alliance for Community-Service Learning. The project operates under the guidance of a Steering Committee and Program Committee, and with the support of a Secretariat housed at the Carleton Centre for Community Innovation.

A diagram illustrating the organizational structure of the CFICE project.

To find out more about us, read through our midterm report!

Cover page of the CFICE Midterm Review Report for SSHRC depicting the CFICE logo and title.