Community-Campus Engage Canada (CCEC), through the CFICE project, convenes National and Regional Roundtables to collaborate with grassroots partners, students, engagement practitioners, post-secondary institutions (PSIs), policy makers and funders to shape and fund the future of community-campus engagement (CCE) in Canada for nation-wide, positive social change.

The Goals of Roundtables

  1. Connect multi-sector partners who share similar goals of engaging with PSIs to advance stronger, more equitable communities and to increase community-based student learning and research opportunities
  2. Explore the current community-campus engagement landscape across Canadian regions, with a focus on the policy contexts and existing assets and opportunities, including networks, interests, and funding mechanisms
  3. Contribute ideas and recommendations to government bodies, funders and higher education PSI’s about improving the policies and funding mechanisms for community-campus engagement to have a greater positive impact on societal well being
  4. Grow the impact of community-campus engagement in Canada and globally through development of capacity building and funding programs, multi-sectoral collaboration, and network development.

Previous National CCEC Roundtables

A wide shot of a room full of people sitting in groups around desks covered with papers and computers.

Picture taken at CCEC’s last National Roundtable in Ottawa on February 14, 2018

So far, CFICE on behalf on the CCEC initiative, has hosted three National Roundtables in Ottawa, ON: June 2017, October 2017, and February 2018. Roundtable participants included CFICE project leaders, community partners, CCE networks, funders, provincial and municipal government staff, and practitioners and scholars from universities and colleges.

Upcoming Roundtables

In Spring 2018, Regional Roundtables have been held in Toronto, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Halifax, Brandon, Haliburton County (ON), Ottawa, and St. John’s.

The next National Roundtable is in Ottawa on June 20, 2018 and will focus on long-term action, desired impacts, funding opportunities and the vision for the CCE work in Canada.

Photos from the Toronto CCE Regional Roundtable

Photos from the Vancouver CCE Regional Roundtable

Photos from the Haliburton CCE Regional Roundtable

Photos from the Halifax CCE Regional Roundtable

Photos from the Saskatoon CCE Regional Roundtable

Photos from the Brandon CCE Regional Roundtable

Photos from the Ottawa CCE Regional Roundtable