CFICE’s Poverty Reduction Hub

Community Co-Lead
Natasha Pei
, Community Animator at
Vibrant Communities

Academic Co-lead
Karen Schwartz
, Associate Professor at Carleton University

In Phase I, the Poverty Reduction (PR) hub studied how different players tackled poverty through community-campus partnerships. The goal was to understand how people from different areas of the community could work together to address the root causes of poverty.

In collaboration with several community partners, the PR hub funded community-driven demonstration projects and provided research support aimed at reducing poverty.

The PR hub worked from the position that poverty is:

  • Difficult to define in numbers
  • Rooted in multiple overlapping causes
  • Not always visible
  • Unique in the ways it affects people’s lives depending on their specific situation

In addition, poverty:

  • Varies across demographics and local contexts
  • Shifts as demographics, policies, economies, and contexts change
  • Cannot be single-handedly reduced or solved by individuals – the solution takes a community!

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Poverty Hub News, Resources, and Research

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