In Phase I of the Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement (CFICE) project, the Poverty Reduction hub partnered with Station 20 West. Together, they worked on a project that examined community-campus engagement (CCE) at the Station 20 West Community Enterprise Centre. The study explored the effectiveness of the CCE partnership and the impacts of co-location and academic presence on service delivery.

The partnership has resulted in a report titled Impacting Community Strength and Sustainability: Community-Campus Engagement and Poverty Reduction at Station 20 West. The report outlines the parameters of the project, the key findings and lessons learned, as well as details on the impacts of the project.

To access a PDF copy of the full report, click on the image below.

First page of the report titled "Impacting Community Strength & Sustainability: Community-campus engagement and poverty reduction at Station 20 West"