Call for Applications – Community Campus Engage Canada (CCEC) Steering Committee

The mission of Community Campus Engage Canada (CCEC) is to contribute to thriving, just, and
sustainable societies by growing connections, capacity, and infrastructure for community-driven
collaboration with post-secondary institutions across Canada. CCEC emerges from a seven-year
SSHRC-funded pan-Canadian participatory action research project that investigates how community-campus partnerships can be designed and implemented to maximize the value created for non-profit, community-based organizations. Beginning May 1, 2019, CCCE will operate as a project under the Trent Centre for Community-Based Education (TCCBE).

CCEC Steering Committee members will oversee CCEC staff, provide necessary reporting to the
TCCBE’s Board of Directors, and participate on one of three CCEC working groups focused on
Organizational Development, Community of Practice and Network Platform Development, and Funding and Policy.

CCEC seeks Steering Committee members who are committed to realizing CCEC’s Strategic Plan, and who have the capacity to build CCEC collaboratively over the course of a year starting May 1, 2019. We aspire to a diverse Steering Committee inclusive of community, post-secondary and boundary spanning CCE champions, as well as geographic, gender, ethnic, and sectoral/disciplinary diversity. We welcome members with patience for the often ambiguous, messy, and exciting stage of organizational start-up.

Prospective Steering Committee members will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Knowledge of community-first approaches to community-campus engagement;
  • Enthusiasm for the future of CCE in Canada;
  • Experience with governance, policy development, evaluation, financial oversight, grant writing, and
    fundraising; and
  • Connections to diverse local, regional, provincial/territorial, national, and/or international networks.

It is expected that Steering Committee members will participate for the full Phase I term of CCEC (to May 31, 2020). Members will participate remotely across this pan-Canadian committee. Committee members will typically meet once a month (by video conference), with additional meetings for working groups.

Members can expect to spend approximately a half-day per week in Steering Committee involvement including attending/preparing for meetings, reviewing documents, and contributing to other items related to specific working groups. Interested individuals with limited capacity for participation are invited to describe within their application letter how they may effectively contribute to the committee.

There is no remuneration paid to Steering Committee members, but members will:

  • Enjoy access to a vast national-scale CCE network;
  • Have a prominent voice in CCEC initiatives for CCE practitioners and stakeholders; and
  • Shape the diversity of contributions to significant conversations regarding advancement of CCE efforts in Canada.

Individuals interested in serving as CCEC Steering Committee members are asked to submit a letter (no longer than one page) outlining their interest in CCEC leadership and alignment with the criteria and aspirations detailed above to Lisa Erickson at Review of applications will begin on April 22, 2019. Candidates may be contacted to discuss their interest. Individuals that have been part of the Interim Executive Committee, the Interim Steering Committee, or CFICE, that have convened or participated in CCEC Roundtables, and/or that have a passion for and deep interest in CCE are invited to apply to serve on the CCEC Steering Committee.

Note: Upon applying to this Committee, your application may be shared with current Interim Executive and Steering Committee members as part of the review process.

Please contact Lisa Erickson at if you have any questions regarding the
nomination process.