On February 24, 2016, CFICE attended Carleton University’s 4th Annual Community Engagement event. This event, attended by over 75 community members, students, and faculty, was held to showcase and celebrate the wide variety of community-campus engagement (CCE) projects happening at Carleton. You can read about CFICE’s presentation here.

While attendees mingled, presented on their CCE projects, and networked, CFICE conducted interviews with participants to capture their thoughts on why CCE is so important to them. Check it out!

1 thought on “Video: The Importance of Community Engagement”

  1. Jacel Egan says:

    This is an awesome event and more universities need to follow in the footsteps of Carleton! It is so critical to get college-aged students involved and engaged civically. icitizen is a company that has been trying to directly engage millennials by creating a hub for civic life. You can select issues you care about, take polls where the results are sent directly to elected officials, and more. With continued advancing technology and events like this one, we’re definitely going to see a higher rate of involvement among millennials.

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