Portrait of Bonnie Brayton, Executive Director of the DisAbled Women's Network of Canada.

Bonnie Brayton is the Executive Director of the DisAbled Women’s Network of Canada.

Bonnie Brayton, executive director of the Disabled Women’s Network (DAWN) Canada,and Violence Against Women hub member, recently spoke to the Toronto Star regarding a new StatCan report revealing startling numbers about experiences of violence for persons with disabilities. According to the report, Canadians with disabilities are almost twice as likely to experience violence compared to able-bodied Canadians, and women with disabilities have even higher rates of victimization than their male peers.

For Bonnie, who notes that women with disabilities have been overlooked for a long time, the statistics should be a wake-up call.

“It is time for politicians and for everybody to act on this,” she said (as quoted in the Toronto Star). “Because it is Canadians with disabilities, and especially women with disabilities, who have been failed by everyone.”

To read the full article, please visit the Toronto Star.