Photo of Natasha Pei

Natasha Pei

Community Co-lead, Tools for Community-First Community Campus Partnerships Working Group
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Natasha Pei has a long history with CFICE! She is the community co-lead for CFICE’s Tools for Community-First Community Campus Partnerships working group, was the community co-lead for CFICE’s Poverty Reduction Hub in Phase I, and before that, Natasha was a research assistant with the CFICE project. Natasha studies effective ways community-campus engagement can be undertaken to have real benefits for the community. She is also the community animator for Tamarack, an institute for community engagement. Natasha’s previous role as a Project Coordinator with Beijing and Shanghai Roots & Shoots introduced her to coordinating place-based community strategies, responding to the unique needs of different groups, and taught her about the impact of collective efforts.

Areas of Interest: Poverty reduction, vibrant communities, social work, living wage, knowledge mobilization, community-campus engagement