Project Development Questions

Finding Partners
Establishing Partnership Goals What do we want to accomplish and how does this fit with our overall mission and vision?
Engaging Partners Through a Research Broker Do we want help to negotiate and engage with the university, and how will we know who can help link us to research partners?
Identifying Partnerships Who would be a good fit with our needs and interests? How will we work with them and how will we know that an academic partner is truly community-first?
Approaching Partnerships How will we contact a research partner, and what do we say in the initial contact? Do we know what to expect from our communications with academic partners?

Working with Partners
Maintaining Partnerships How will we keep the partnership strong and sustainable? How will we evaluate a long-term partnership? Do we have an idea of what will happen when funding ends?
Partnership Agreements How will we create a research contract? Do we know how we will address legality and where to go for legal advice?
Data Ownership How will we decide who owns the data? How will the data be stored?