Project Development Questions

Approaching Projects and Setting Goals
Participatory Approach How will we involve those affected by the situation in the project planning and research process?
Communications How will we communicate our motivations, vision, capacity, timeline, etc. and work towards establishing a shared goal with common indicators?
Objectives/Goals How will we ensure the project is focused? Are the goals clear and measurable?

Project Logistics
Strategy Do we know how we will do high-level planning together? How will we run collaborative meetings?
Logistics How will we coordinate the research project?
Timeline How will we ensure the project is well-organized? Do we know how we will match community organization and academic timelines?

Roles of Project Participants
Structure How will we decide who does what and who takes the lead?
Research Team What are all the roles needed for the research project? How do we determine the scope of these roles and how they are going to be filled?
Students If students are involved, how will we make sure they are prepared to work with community organizations?

Project Funding and Budgets
Budget How will we ensure the project has the resources to accomplish its goals?
Funding Do we know how and where to apply for funding?
Proposals Do we know how to get resources? How do we write research and grant proposals?
Capacity How will we to determine what resources are necessary to conduct the research project? Are we confident we are able to accomplish the project?