ChaimCentre_LogoFinalCanadian Health Adaptations, Innovations, & Mobilization (CHAIM) Centre

The activities CHAIM Centre raise awareness of how approaches to human mental and physical health need to be adapted to respond to the unique political, social and environmental conditions that exist in Canada. The CHAIM Centre’s researchers are from across multiple disciplines, and work with government, community, and private sector partners. Follow them on twitter at @chaim_centre.

H_popbookStress and Pathology Lab

Hymie Anisman is a leading researcher in the field of stress. His research focuses on biopsychosocial factors that influence vulnerability to stress-related pathology (e.g., depression, anxiety), with a focus on the neurochemical underpinnings of the stress process. He is particularly interested in reciprocal relationships between the brain and immune system as they relate to health. Anisman’s research on stress and physical and psychological illness are among the most widely cited in health psychology. He is a Canada Research Chair in Behavioral Neuroscience. His work is funded by CIHR, OMHF and NSERC. More about his work can be seen at the Stress and Pathology Lab, and he can be followed on twitter.