M.A. Theses

2020 O. Richards: Development of a measure of unintentional racism toward Indigenous Peoples
2020 V. Zuccala: Predictors of post-traumatic growth and stress following the loss of a pet
2019 M. Pranscke: Pet attachment and wellbeing
2018 M. Doiron: Perceptions of Indigenous peoples in Canada: Modern racism, benefit finding, and moral obligations for descendants of residential school survivors.
2016 L. Emberley: Siblings of those with and without mental illness: Differences in life decisions and depressive symptoms.
2016 J. Weselake-George: Inclusiveness of Canadian identity in a contested landscape: Ingroup projection, multiculturalism, and Aboriginal reconciliation.
2013 K. Fennell: Psychosocial factors influencing the effect of online interventions for emotional distress.
2011 T. Takacs: Differential effects of source of social support and gender identification on responses to gender discrimination.
2011 L. Kui: Effects of identity salience associated with being overweight.
2009 M. Talibi: Does religion matter? The role of ethnic and religious identity and social support in the resilience of Canadian immigrants.
2008 N. Lapshina: Factors influencing the devaluation of skilled immigrants to Canada.
2008 S. Hyde: Gender differences in the relation between psychological abuse and depressive symptoms.
2008 E. Denis: Reactions to sexist humour as a function of group membership.
2007 D. Menard: Defining great sex.
2006 R. Westmacott: An evaluation of the Youth Challenge Leadership Program.
2005 C. Motz: Men’s attitudes toward gay men: minimizing the effects of a threatened identity.
2005 I. Ofleh: The role of ethnic identity and acculturation on well-being among Somali immigrants.
2005 L. Williams: Social support flexibility and well-being among university students.
2005 R. Ysseldyk: Dispositions toward forgiveness and revenge in relation to coping styles and psychological well-being.
2004 K. Carroll: Self-monitoring personality as a moderator of responses to an collective identity threat.
2004 C. Walter: Looking on the bright side: The role of optimism in coping and well-being over the lifespan.
2003 M. Saunders: Coping with financial stress during the transition to university.
2001 M. Giglio: The effects of affirmative action on rationalizing sexual harassment.
2001 R. Gill: Personal-Group discrimination discrepancy: The moderating effects of emotions and their expression.
2001 K. Majka: Alleviating the internalization of the stereotype associated with affirmative action recipients.
2001 R. Morrow: The effects of three types of sexual harassment on civilian staff of the Department of National Defense.
2001 A. Skomorovsky: Dating relationships violence. The beginning of a vicious cycle?
2000 B. Cole: Through the tinted looking glass: Evaluating images of the self and others.
1999 I. Goldenberg: The role of inner representations in the efficacy of journal writing.
1999 R. Ramkissoonsingh: The effects of abuse type and complainant symptomatology in a simulated sexual abuse trial.
1998 S. Dursun: The roles of cognitive, motivational and affective factors in intergroup behaviour: A study of opposing Bosnian groups.
1997 A. Davis: Expert testimony in cases of battered women defendants: Influence of defendant characterization, testimony explicitness and juror gender on individual juror and group jury decisions.
1996 B. Blois: Socio-cognitive factors that influence the reconstruction of long-term memory.
1996 E. Vorobej: Emulating the thin ideal: The impact of the beauty backlash on women’s perceptions of control and self-worth.
1995 C. Allard: Social context factors in the construction of false memories
1995 M. Poole: The role of power in regard to women’s sexual empowerment.
1994 K. Kiiffner: Sexual Harassment – Now you see it now you don’t: Perceptions of male and female relationships. (with N. Spanos)
1994 K. Warren: Psychosexual factors in women’s perceptions of and anticipated responses to sexually transmitted diseases.
1993 I. Chow: An assessment of the factors influencing women’s identification with feminism.
1992 M. Truong: The role of contact in shifts in the nature of intergroup prejudice.
1991 M. Foster: Feminist consciousness: An examination through relative deprivation.

Ph.D. Theses

2013 A. Pierre: Third party citizen reactions to interventions in a genocide: The influence of the social categorization of victims and the norm of a responsibility to protect
2012 M. Talebi: Psychosocial factors related to the stigma of seeking help for mental health issues.
2012 A. Bombay: The intergenerational transmission of trauma among adult offspring of Indian Residential School survivors. (with H. Anisman)
2010 S. Dursun: Role of spousal support in psychological well-being of Canadian military personnel.
2009 R. Ysseldyk: Coping with threats to religious identity: Implications for pychological outcomes, social action, and political consciousness.
2009 C. Donnelly: Gambling as a means of relieving distress among the socially impaired: Awareness of receipts of social support and positive events can improve a gambler’s social perceptions.
2007 R. Gill: Women’s responses to discrimination.
2006 A. Skomorovsky: The mediating role of disrupted self-concept in the relation between childhood maltreatment and adult eating disorders.
2004 I. Goldenberg: The mediating effects of emotional intelligence and attachment styles on the relation between childhood maltreatment and adult well-being.
2004 A. Offman: Accommodation styles in response to sexual conflicts.
2002 S. McNulty: A test of the Continuity vs. Alternative Channels hypotheses as explanations for sleep paralysis and narcolepsy.
2001 G. Eljdupovic-Guzina: Mothering during incarceration: Connecting the past and the present experiences.
2001 A. Parriag: The courtroom dynamics of a sexual assault trial.
2000 C. Terrance: Jury Simulation: The construction of victims in the courtroom.
2000 M. Truong: Identity diversity and feminist identification.
1999 P. Cross: Understanding sadomasochism: An examination of current perspectives.
1998 D. Lockett: Evaluation of the Royal Ottawa Hospital geriatric psychiatry in-patient unit. (with S. Borys)
1998 W. O’Connor: Application of social role theory to the phenomena of perceived and self- reported use of organizational political behaviour.
1997 Judy Niles: The role of personality dysfunction in determining perceptions of family environment in bulimia nervosa.
1996 M. Foster: Socio-cognitive factors in reducing personal/group discrimination discrepancy.
1994 C. Burnley: Sexual harassment in academic institutions: The effects of grievance procedures on decision processes and outcomes. (with N. Spanos)