Looking to spread the word about an event or contest? We can help! With more than 30 screens across campus located in high traffic areas, the Carleton Digital Signage system can help you get the word out.

Step 1: Create the Content

Step 2: Submit Your Content

Step 3: Payment

Step 4: Post Content 

Step 1: Create the content

First you need to create whatever you want to have displayed on our screens. You can use whatever software you like to design the content, so long as the output meets our requirements (below). Alternatively, we can help you create a basic ad for around $25, or for something more elaborate, put you in touch with someone that can make up something really spiffy!

Here are some specifications/recommendations:

  • Our screens use a standard resolution of 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high. In other words they have a 16:9 aspect ratio. DPI is 72.
  • Still images can be used, but we recommend using animations or video to create excitement and attract the eyes. PowerPoint is a convenient way of adding a bit of pizzazz to a slide without complicating the production process too much.
  • Ad spots are sold in 30 second increments, so please keep any videos to 30 seconds or less, or conversely do a 60 second spot.
  • We recommend using PNG for image formats (JPG is also acceptable, but not as good), and either MP4 or AVI for videos.

Want some help getting started? Check out our Media Page for some basic templates for PowerPoint and other programs that are already set up for our screen specifications! Also, check out our FAQ on best practices when making digital signage content!

Step 2: Submit Your Content

If you’re submitting content on behalf of a Carleton department or group that’s not a member of the DSS network, you can use eShop to both submit your content and complete payment at the same time! Simply search for “Digital Signage System Ad Posting Request” in eShop and complete the form. Note that if the final file size is under 5MB, you can attach the document directly to the form. If the file is over 5MB, please upload it to Dropbox (or a similar service) and include a link to the file in the “Special Instructions” section of the form.

If you’re submitting content on behalf of a Carleton department or group that is a member of the DSS network, simply send it to us at david.townsend@carleton.ca.

We’ll check out the ad to make sure it will work on our displays, and the content is appropriate for our system.

Step 3: Payment

To help us cover the costs of maintaining and improving the Digital Signage System, there is a cost to posting a slide.

Internal Departments

If your department is a member of the Digital Signage System Group, you are allowed to post one 30 second ad across campus at no charge each month. If you wish to post more than one ad, please see below.

For all other internal departments:

To post a slide on a monthly basis, the cost is: $25 setup fee, plus $25 per month the slide is to run. E.g. one month costs $50, two months cost $75, etc.

To post a slide on an annual basis, the cost is $300 flat rate. You’re allowed to change the content of your slide once per month at no additional charge.

Your ad will run for 30 seconds at a time. Please note that internal departments cannot use these subsidized rates to promote external organizations, companies or individuals.

Step 4: Post Content

Once payment is received, we’ll post your content on our display system!