The Employability Framework guide outlines a vast array of opportunities that exist on campus to build a student’s employability. This guide is a resource for students to develop their employability throughout their academic journey in an intentional manner. Students achieve key career competencies by participating in opportunities outlined in these four domains. It is important to ensure students are aware of their skill development and are able to articulate how they have developed these competencies during their time at Carleton.

Employability Guide For Download

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The four areas in which students can get involved and boost their employability are:

  • Curricular
    • Carleton offers many valuable opportunities to formally connect students’ career goals to their academics, all while enhancing the employability and learning for our students.
  • Co-curricular
    • Carleton offers extensive co-curricular opportunities that complement the academic experience, while also building the employability of our students and serving as meaningful experiential learning opportunities.  Included in the guide are a range of examples of ways in which students can gain co-curricular experience to enhance their employability.
  • Service Delivery
    • Through Carleton and Career Services’ extensive service delivery options, our students are prepared for all aspects of employability from career exploration through to the practicalities of developing a strong resume or preparing for an interview.  The guide includes is a list of services available to students to support the development of their employability.
  • Employer Connections
    • Carleton is active in the community and collaborates with community partners to provide students the opportunity to connect with employers and thereby, ensuring that Carleton students remain a strong talent pool in the minds of our employer partners.  This community connection also allows students to learn first-hand about their chosen career paths.