The Environmental Science program requires students to complete two field courses.

2nd year, fall term, Friday’s 8:30am-4:30pm

3rd year, fall term, Friday’s 8:30am-4:30pm

ENSC 2000 [0.5 credit] (Fall term)
Environmental Science Field Methods
A field-based course introducing students to practical methods in environmental science. Topics will include earth sciences, geography, biology, and chemistry related aspects of environmental sciences and will focus on quantitative techniques to assess environmental impacts and management. Prerequisite(s): ERTH 1006 and BIOL 1004 or BIOL 1104, CHEM 1001 and CHEM 1002 and permission of the Institute. A supplementary fee will apply.  Field trips, lectures and workshops, 7 hours per week (delivered on a single day).

ENSC 3000 [0.5 credit]( Fall term)
Environmental Science and Management: Theory and Practice
Theoretical and practical perspectives related to environmental science and management; Emphasis on real-world problems associated with human activities and development of solutions in natural and built environments; Hands-on experience with environmental monitoring and restoration. A supplementary fee will apply. Prerequisite(s): third-year standing in Environmental Science or permission of the Institute. Field trips, lectures and workshops, 7 hours per week (delivered on a single day).

Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology (OUPFB) courses are also acceptable replacements for student’s who cannot take ENSC 3000 or who would like to take additional field courses.

The application form for Carleton University students is located here.