The New Student Registration Information Session video will help you plan and build your schedule and guide you through the necessary steps to ensure a successful registration.

The Student Registration Assistance Team can help you with:

  • General registration assistance
  • First year course selection
  • Building a conflict free timetable
  • Carleton Central navigation, features and support
  • Providing elective options
  • Referrals to other campus services

Best of luck with your studies! And don’t forget to register for fall and winter as soon as your time ticket allows.

Eight Steps to Registration

  1. Get the list of courses that are being offered in the summer or fall and winter terms.  It is important that you register for both your fall and winter courses as soon as your time ticket allows. Courses fill up quickly. All the courses you need for first year in the B.Sc. are listed here.
  2.  Compare the course offerings to your audit to understand what you are required to complete for your degree. Your audit is the most important document you have at Carleton, as it tells you how you are doing and what you need to do to graduate.
  3. Review the requirements for:
    advanced science faculty electives
    approved arts and social science courses
    science continuation courses
  4. Run aHypothetical Courses” audit to determine whether your course selections will meet your degree requirements. You can even assign hypothetical grades to determine how your GPA would change.
  5. Review the general registration assistance and general registration information. The undergraduate calendar (for the year that you entered Carleton) has all the rules and regulations that govern your degree requirements.
  6. If you would like to register for a course but are restricted because you do not meet the prerequisites or it is restricted to students in a different program, you can submit an override request. Please be certain to provide a detailed rationale for WHY you want/need to take the course as our decisions are based on available space, year in degree program, and rationale.
  7. Once you have registered, check your audit.  All of the courses you have chosen should be in one of the line items.  There should be nothing in the section at the end of the audit called “Courses set aside”.  If there are, you have registered in a course that is not acceptable for your program and you should review the program requirements.
  8. If you have specific questions that are not covered by the registration information above please contact Michelle Santoianni.

More Registration Information

Free Elective Any course is allowable as a free elective provided it is not prohibited. Choose your electives wisely.

Registration Checklist for New Students

Registration Checklist for Returning Students

More Academic Audit Information

What If Audit Considering changing your major, minor, or specialization? Want to know how your courses would count in the new degree?

Acronyms What do all these short forms on my audit mean?

Audit FAQs Have I successfully added/dropped a course? What happens if I repeat a course? What if I fail a course? Can a course satisfy more than one degree requirement? How can I take a course overload? Am I eligible to graduate?