Recommended course selections for First year Bachelor of Science students

The normal course load for a full-time student in the first-year of any B.Sc. program is 5.0 credits. Recommended course selections for each program appear below. Unless otherwise noted, courses are 0.5 credits.

Your Pathway to Graduation

Please note that 15.0 credit and Honours degrees do not have to be completed within a three or four-year timeframe. For a variety of reasons, many students choose to take an extra year or so to finish their undergraduate program. When deciding whether to take a reduced course load in first year or in subsequent years (for example, enrolling in 4.0 credits instead of a full 5.0 over the fall and winter terms), students are strongly encouraged to discuss their academic goals and commitments outside of class with an Advisor at the Academic Advising Centre At Carleton, we recognize that every student’s situation is unique. Your Advisor will review relevant and important information that will help you decide what kind of course load is right for you, and will provide a referral to your Departmental Advisor so that you can discuss your course sequencing and program requirements in more detail.

For information on which courses can be included in the different elective categories, please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar – Academic Regulations and Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree.

Combined Honours Programs