1. Access To Courses
  2. Cancellation of Courses
  3. Changes to Registration
  4. Course Selection

Access To Courses

The University strives to provide students with access to courses, although academic departments do restrict certain courses to a particular year level or degree program. If no spaces are available to you, that course will appear as “Full” in Carleton Central.

Space may become available later on.  For courses that are currently full, you may be able to join a waitlist. If the course section has a waitlist enabled, the word “waitlist” (e.g. Join Waitlist) will be displayed within the search results. By joining the waitlist, you are placing yourself in a queue for the next available space in the course.

For more information, visit our waitlisting page. Students seeking to waive a restriction may wish to submit a registration error override request.

Cancellation of Courses

The University reserves the right to make changes to the course schedule.  Changes may include cancellation of courses, changes to course schedules and/or updating of the various fee schedules. As such, we recommend that you continue to check the course offerings leading up to the beginning of classes to ensure that the courses and sections you intend on taking will be offered during the same time and in the same location as originally planned.

Changes to Registration

Students must make any changes to their initial registration on the web via Carleton Central within the posted deadlines. Changes include withdrawal, section changes, and course additions.

Course Selection

Regulations governing course selection are published in the Undergraduate Calendar. Undergraduate students who have not selected a major and would like to do so should consult the department in which they intend to major before registration, and apply for entry to the program via the Change of Program Elements feature in Carleton Central.