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  • Plan your course selections and schedule in advance of your time-ticket. Using all the registration tools available to you will assist you in building a conflict free timetable that meets all your academic requirements. Some of the tools you will need include:
  • The course worksheet tool will allow you to search the class schedule and build multiple draft timetables.  Any registration errors that you may encounter with your course selections will also be flagged in the “Warnings” column.  As this tool highlights any scheduling conflicts within your timetable, it will also help you resolve any conflicts in your schedule before you register.
  • Review your worksheet regularly before your time-ticket opens to see if there are any new warnings associated with the classes you want to add (i.e. full classes).
  • Once you are satisfied with your course selections, your timetable is conflict and warning free, and your time-ticket has opened, click on the “Proceed to Registration” button. You will be brought to the registration page in Carleton Central where you will see the CRNs (course reference numbers) for the courses already populated in the registration boxes.
  • If you encounter registration errors, you will have to reconsider your schedule carefully. You do have a few options when you receive an error message:
    • you may try adding a different section or another course to fill your timetable
    • you can join a waitlist for courses that are full and that have a waitlist enabled
    • you can submit a Registration Override Request for access to a course with restrictions
  • After making any registration changes, it is advised that you review your selections thoroughly by running and reviewing your degree audit in Carleton Central to make sure that your courses are counting in your degree the way that you had planned.

Quick Guide

  1. Log in to Carleton Central.
  2. Click on “Build Your Timetable/Registration” under the “Registration” section. Choose the term appropriate to you. You will be brought to the class search page where you can enter the fields you wish to search. Remember that registration for the fall and winter terms must be completed separately.
  3. Narrow your search results with the “Search Criteria” feature. View the “Search Criteria” section on this page for detailed descriptions.
  4. Once you have completed your search you will arrive on the “Search Results” page and see classes that matched your criteria.
  5. Check the boxes next to classes you wish to register in. Be aware of restrictions and pre-requisites. Click “Proceed to Worksheet” when you are ready.
  6. Review your worksheet. Fix any scheduling conflicts that arise. It is recommended that you make multiple worksheets to accommodate for alternative scenarios (i.e. full classes or sections). Save your worksheets.
  7. When your time-ticket is about to start, double check your course selections to ensure that there are no new warnings. Click on “Proceed to Registration” when your time-ticket has opened and you are ready.

Search Criteria

The following are detailed explanations of the different search criteria that can be used when building your timetable.

Important Information

The following information will help you find and register for courses.

Other Registration Terms

There are a number of other registration terms that you may encounter. You may visit the Registration Terminology page for a list of further terms.

How-To Videos

These quick videos will walk you through all of the processes related to preparing your worksheet and registering for courses.

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How to Do a Class Search | Carleton Central How-To (YouTube)

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