The Tory building was the first building on campus. It was named after the first President of Carleton College, Henry Marshall Tory. The building has been renovated three times since Leslie Frost, then premier of Ontario, first laid its corner stone in 1957.

Only the mural in the central lecture hall, commonly known as “The Egg”, has remained unaltered. J. Harold Shenkman, a local entrepreneur, commissioned Gerald Trottier to create the piece. The Ottawa artist wanted the mural to depict humanity’s quest for knowledge.

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Accessibility Guide

Designated Parking

Closest is located at the loading dock of the University Centre (2).

Exterior Entrance

Quad entrance is accessible. Building can be entered from the outside through the loading area at the back of the building, up a steep ramp.

Tunnel Access

Two tunnel entrances at level 2, one with automatic doors.


One semi-accessible elevator services all levels except the top level, which is used as a greenhouse and office area.


Accessible washroom located in Room 252 on the second level.


Pay phones are accessible.

Classroom Areas

Generally accessible. Room 360 is a lecture theatre and can be accessed at either the second level (through Room 279) or at the third level.

Study Areas

Split-level lounge area on the third level is now accessible.


Easy access to lounges and cafeteria in the University Centre through the University Centre-Tory Building link.

Existing Obstacles

Quad entrance needs automatic doors; ramp to Unicentre is too steep; emergency phones on level 2 need volume control.