Southam Hall honours Carleton’s first chancellor and former publisher of The Ottawa Citizen Harry Stevenson Southam, who also donated a significant portion of the land on which the campus is built.

Here you will find the 444-seat Kailash Mital Theatre, Carleton’s largest lecture hall. Two fully-equipped television studios on the sixth floor are used by Carleton’s instructional television service (CUTV), which provides distance education courses throughout the Ottawa Valley via digital cable television, and by students in the University’s highly acclaimed journalism program.

The Outdoor Amphitheatre between Southam and Paterson halls is used for concerts and classes during fair weather.

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Accessibility Guide

Designated Parking

Two spaces behind west side of the building in Lot 1.

Exterior Entrance

No exterior entrance to Southam Hall, Theatre B and the Bookstore. Exterior access to Alumni Theatre only.

Tunnel Access

Tunnel entrance leads to elevator to Bookstore, levels 4, 5, and 6. Steep ramp (1:9) between Southam Hall and Loeb Building. New tunnel section to the bottom of Alumni Theatre.


Accessible elevator services all levels except Theatre A.


Levels 2 and 3 do not have washrooms. Accessible washrooms found on levels 5 and 6.


Pay phones located at tunnel level below stairs are accessible to wheelchair users but not to persons who are hearing impaired.

Classroom Areas

Generally accessible but need accessible desks or tables for wheelchair users.

Study Areas

No designated study areas but empty classrooms are often used.


Vending machines at tunnel level, second level of Loeb Building and tunnel junction. Close to Loeb Cafe on first level of Loeb Building.

Existing Obstacles

No access to the stage of the Alumni Theatre.