The Minto Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering, located off the east wing of the Mackenzie Building, houses state-of-the-art facilities for research and studies in engineering, including a flight-simulating wind tunnel. A 400-seat lecture theatre offers the latest in audio-visual equipment. The building is named in honour of Minto Developments Inc., an Ottawa-based real estate development firm.

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Accessibility Guide

Designated Parking

Two designated parking spaces adjacent to the building at the first driveway off Campus Avenue.

Exterior Entrance

Ramp access to front entrance with automatic doors. One of two side entrances has a level entrance but no automatic door. Accessible entrance from three levels of the MacKenzie Building.

Tunnel Access

Tunnel entrance leading to elevator at basement level. Automatic doors at tunnel entrance.


One fully accessible elevator.


Accessible washrooms on each floor and at entrance to the theatre.


There is one accessible telephone in the main floor lobby, adjacent to the elevator.

Classroom Areas

The 400 seat theatre is fully accessible.

Study Areas

Not applicable.


Closest tunnel access to Residence Commons lounges and cafeteria, or outside access to the Peppermill on second floor of the Unicentre.

Existing Obstacles

The counters of the coat check room and the Registrar’s office are too high. The patio outside the lounge is only accessible from the inside.


This is a new building with many accessibility features. It includes the most accessible large lecture theatre on campus.