The Architecture Building was designed specifically for Carleton’s architecture program with its large open studio spaces, flexible classrooms, and fully-equipped work stations. Studios are open 24-hours-a-day.

Try the carpentry workshop for the construction of models and prototypes. A consulting firm run by some of the school’s best students offers Ottawa-area homeowners architectural and design services at bargain prices.

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Accessibility Guide

Designated Parking

Three spaces in Parking Lot 2.

Exterior Entrance

Main entrance, located on the west side of the building, inaccessible. Accessible ground entrance from the east side of the building off Campus Avenue.

Tunnel Access

Tunnel entrance has a steep ramp. Wheelchair users may require some assistance. Automatic door.


One large accessible elevator equipped with tactile control buttons and floor designation; services all levels in this split-level building.


Unisex accessible washrooms on first level (Room 105) near tunnel entrance and on the fifth level. Washrooms inaccessible on the rest of the levels.


Two student phones on the fourth level. One pay phone on the first level.

Classroom Areas


Study Areas

Some space on level 2. Ground level resource centre is accessible; upper mezzanine level is not.


Student lounge on second level where coffee is available for sale. Close to University Centre.

Existing Obstacles

Upper section of Resource Centre


Due to unusual design and split levels, the building is initially confusing. However, it is quite accessible. Use catwalk on fourth level for quick, easy access to the Mackenzie Building.