Accessibility Guide

Designated Parking

Available in Lot 3 (four spaces) and in Visitor Parking Lot 5 (five spaces and five more for patients/clients of the Sports Medicine Clinic with authorization from the parking attendant).

Exterior Entrance

Main entrance to the Physical Recreation Centre is inaccessible; must use nearby tunnel entrance. The main entrance to the gymnasium is accessible.

Tunnel Access

Accessible to the first level of the Physical Recreation Centre.


One accessible elevator in the Centre serving all three levels. The gymnasium has no elevator but can be accessed via catwalk from the second level of the Centre.


Washroom in the male (first level) and female (second level) change rooms in the Centre are accessible to wheelchair users. Washroom on level 1 of the gymnasium are not accessible.


Accessible on the first and second levels of the Centre and on the first level of the gymnasium building.

Classroom Areas

Not applicable.

Study Areas

Not applicable.


Levels 1 to 3 of the Physical Recreation Centre have accessible lounges off the main corridor. Fitstop cafeteria/lounge on the first level is accessible.

Existing Obstacles

Inaccessible main entrance to the Physical Recreation Centre.


Because of stairs in male change area, access to pool for men is through the lifeguards’ quarters on the second level. Pool accessible from female change area. Pool observation deck accessible by elevator to level 3. Generally, the Physical Recreation Centre is accessible; gymnasium from catwalk on level 2.