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Waitlisting Information

The University strives to provide students with access to courses. However, factors such as room size can limit the number of spaces available in a course. Academic departments may also restrict certain courses to a particular year level or degree program. If no spaces are available to you, that course will appear as “Full” in Carleton Central.

For courses that are currently full, you may be able to join a waitlist. If the course section has a waitlist enabled, the Registration Error Message will contain the word “waitlist” (e.g. Join Waitlist). By joining the waitlist, you are placing yourself in a queue for the next available space in the course. If a waitlist is not available, you are encouraged to continue to try and register for the course as space may become available as students make changes to their registration, or you may choose to select an alternate section.

How-To Videos

These short videos will walk you through all of the important processes when waitlisting.

How to Join a Waitlist | Carleton Central How-To (YouTube)

How to Find Your Position on a Waitlist | Carleton Central How-To (YouTube)

How to Remove Yourself from a Waitlist | Carleton Central How-To (YouTube)

How to Register for a Waitlisted Course When Notified | Carleton Central How-To (YouTube)

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions about waitlists.