1. Your Registration Checklist
  2. How-To Videos
  3. Registration Steps
  4. First Year Course Selection Guides
  5. Block Registration
  6. FAQ

Welcome to Carleton University! Here is a list of tools designed to help new first-year students, like yourself, with their registration.

Your Registration Checklist

To help you prepare for your first year, we have produced a new student checklist of all the things you need to know.

How-To Videos

These quick videos will help explain some tools and requirements you might encounter, how to view your exam schedule, and how to view your grades.

First Year Course Selection Guides | Carleton Central How-To (YouTube)

Breadth Requirements | Carleton Central How-To (YouTube)

Registration Steps

The Registrar’s Office has created step-by-step guides to registration to help you through the process of planning and building your schedule to ensure a successful registration. These guides have also be made into brief, helpful videos as well.

First Year Course Selection Guides

Each degree program at Carleton University has a unique set of courses for you to take in your first year. Be sure to consult your guide before registration begins.

If you are arriving at Carleton with credits on admission from previous studies, you will choose your courses from the guide associated with your degree program. You will be able to register for the next level of courses in some areas because you already have credit for the prerequisite courses.

Block Registration

If your program is within the Faculty of Engineering and Design (BAS, BEng, BID, BIT) you will find that many (or all) of your courses are preselected for you. This is called Block Registration, and we have a page dedicated to providing you with more information.


The following are frequently asked questions for new undergraduate students.