1. Important Information
  2. Quick Guide
  3. How-To Video

Important Information

  • At this step you can display the timetable of all of your classes.
  • Your timetable will automatically update as you make course changes throughout the term.

Quick Guide

  1. Log in to Carleton Central.
  2. Click on “Student Timetable” under the “Registration” section.
  3. You will be shown your timetable for the current week. To see your timetable for a future week, enter the date into the field “Go to (YYYY/MM/DD)” and click “Submit”.
  4. To print your timetable, select the “Print” option in your browser. Be sure to reprint your timetable after making course changes.
  5. You can also print off your class listing and bring it to the University bookstore when purchasing your books to make sure you buy the books required for your class section.
  6. You may proceed to “Step 4”.

How-To Video

This quick video will show you the features of your timetable in Carleton Central.

Registration Step 3: Student Timetable | Carleton Central How-To (YouTube)

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