You audit is your ‘road map’ to academic success. It tells you the courses you are required to take in order to complete your degree at Carleton.

Be sure to look at your audit often to make sure you are on the right track. The audit will inform you of the progress you have already made, as well as show you the courses you will need to take in the future. Remember, you are the one responsible for making sure your requirements have been met to graduate!

The audit can tell you information such as:

  • Your degree title and requirements
  • Year-standing (first, second, third or fourth)
  • Any minors, concentrations or specializations you may have added to your degree
  • Courses you have previously taken or ones you are currently registered in, along with the grade for the completed courses
  • Your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
  • Your academic standing

The audit is an important tool in determining the courses you will have to take in order to meet your requirements to graduate. It records your academic history and current academic status, as well as outlines outstanding courses and credits that you still need for graduation. Learning to read and understand your audit will help to ease any confusion or concerns you might have about your degree requirements.

Please note: The audit is different than your transcript. Your audit is not an official document. It lists all courses taken, but not all courses necessarily included towards your CGPA(s). The transcript needs to be ordered formally through the Registrar’s Office and lists every course you have ever taken at Carleton, whether it counts towards your degree or not.