This section of your audit will list any courses you have previously taken or attempted that DO NOT count towards your degree. These courses do not count towards your CGPA or graduation and can be set aside for different reasons. These include:

  • Your lowest graded attempt(s) of a repeated course will be listed here.
  • If a course you have taken precludes another one. The course you initially took would be listed here.
  • If you have completed more than the required amount of courses for your degree. These are ‘extra classes’ that you are registered in or have already completed.
  • If you have exceeded the maximum 1000-course level credits.
  • If the course has ‘no credit’ value in your degree. (these courses are all listed in the Undergraduate Calendar)


Forfeited Courses

These are courses that no longer count towards your degree. This can happen if you have repeated a course, as the original attempt and grade will be forfeited. A precluded course will also appear in the forfeited section. This means if you take a course that precludes another (meaning they have similar content), you will  be credited for the most recent course attempt.