How to read your audit

The audit can be overwhelming at first glance, but once you understand its structure, the audit is a very useful tool in determining your academic path. Audits are available to view 24/7 via Carleton 360 or Carleton Central. The first step after logging in to either of these portals is to click on the MyAudit link. This will allow you to submit an audit and then you can view it online.

These steps will help you read your audit:

There are three different audit options which can help you on your path to success!

1. You can decide to run an audit based on the courses you are currently registered in to view your current path, as well as see your current CGPA.


2. You can choose to run an audit to add planned courses that you may be interested in taking. This option would allow you to see where that course would fit into your degree requirements and you can even choose to add a hypothetical grade to the course to see how it would impact your CGPA.


3. You can choose to run a ‘what-if’ audit, which would allow you to change your program, major, minor, concentration or specialization. This option is beneficial to students who would like to know how the courses they have already taken would fit into new degree requirements. It allows you to see how far behind or ahead you are on your academic path, should you decide to switch your degree or major.

Disclaimer: the information presented in this audit guide is for general student purposes only. Because of the complexity of many university rules and regulations, students should be aware that their audits may include details not featured in this guide. If at any time you find that your audit is not ‘matching up’ with the information presented in this guide, please meet with an academic advisor who will review your audit with you.