When courses are evaluated for transfer credit students may receive one of three possible decisions.

  1. The course may be evaluated as ‘no credit’ which means that the course is not equivalent to any course offered at Carleton.
  2. The course may be assigned a generic credit. For example an English course taken at another institution may be given an evaluation of ENGL 1XXX. This means that the course is equivalent to a first year university level English course but does not correspond exactly to any of our first year English courses.
  3. The course may be given an exact equivalent to a Carleton course. If you have questions about the transfer credit you were awarded or you wish to have a course evaluated again please contact Admissions Services at admissions@carleton.ca
  4. If you have received either no credit or a generic credit for courses you have taken at a previous institution you may appeal to have the course evaluated again. You may only submit this petition if you have new and detailed information about the course that was not presented during the first evaluation.