Departmental academic advising is offered to students who have specific questions about their current degree program. Each department has a program advisor that can assist you with:

  • Access to courses
  • Course selection
  • Course equivalencies and substitutions
  • Co-Op options
  • Graduate studies opportunities.
  • Internships and placements
  • Prerequisites or preclusions
  • Pursuing the essay or thesis stream
  • Taking courses on Exchange or Letter of Permission

It is recommended that upper-year students contact their program advisor with program-related questions.

Search for your advisor by program

**Please note: We are unable to offer advising for the following degree programs: Architecture, Commerce, Engineering, Global and International Studies, Industrial Design, Information Technology, International Business, Journalism, Media Production and Design, Music, Public Affairs and Policy Management, Social Work. If you are in one of these programs, contact your Program Advisor for assistance.