Photo of Jesse Vermaire

Jesse Vermaire

Associate Professor, Institute of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Sciences and Geography and Environmental Studies

Degrees:B.Sc. Honours (University of Guelph), M.Sc. (UNB), Ph.D. (McGill)
Phone:(613) 520-2600 Ext.3898 x (613) 520-2600 Ext.3898
Office:4439 Herzberg Laboratories
Carleton University

I am interested in how environmental change, particularly land-use and climate change are impacting freshwater ecosystems. My research focuses on three broad areas: 1) impacts of climate warming and nutrient enrichment on lakes and streams, 2) ecosystem resilience, regime shifts, and recovery in freshwater systems and 3) the importance of extreme events (e.g. droughts, storm surges, permafrost slumps) in altering aquatic ecosystems. Because changes to the environment often occur over large areas and at timescales of decades or longer our lab employs a variety of techniques including lake survey studies, paleolimnological techniques, and the analysis of long-term datasets to meet our research objectives.